At Tamalpais CrossFit we want to inspire you… We want to inspire you to work out, to push further then you ever thought possible and to do your best, not just in the gym but also in your everyday life. Our community is full of passionate, supportive people that will gently encourage you.


Our gym is clean and green! We use non-toxic cleaning supplies when ever possible and encourage you to bring your own water bottle to refill with our filtered water (guaranteed to make you strong).


We always have updated and maintained bars, plates (including competition sets), lifting platforms, rowers, GHD's, snatch blocks, yokes, sleds, power cages and racks. Your gym is our gym and we want the best for our members!


Tamalpais CrossFit has an active, friendly and supportive community. Our members participate in competitions, fundraisers and will go out of their way to support each other. Inspiring each other to new goals is innate to our membership. We are happy to welcome you!

Michael Papes

  • Michael is Co-Owner CrossFit Level II Coach and Personal Trainer at TCF. Michael has also been a devotee of Taekwondo, to the level of Master, as well as an apprentice in Iyengar Yoga at the Yoga Circle of Chicago. A personal trainer for over a decade, Michael has distinguished himself from his peers both through his dedication to his clients and his extensive skill set.
  • Never completely understanding or embracing the “fitness” industry model, Michael found salvation in the CrossFit method. An instant convert from the moment of exposure, Michael quickly immersed himself in CrossFit and its methods. Taking all he has learned and pouring it into CrossFit, Michael has a unique and clear direction for the future. “I will pursue excellence in teaching CrossFit and will literally make the world a better place”. Michael is also
    • CrossFit Certified Level 1 Coach
    • CrossFit Certified Level 2 Coach
    • CrossFit Certified in Nutrition
    • CrossFit Certified Science of Exercise
    • CrossFit Certified Gymnastics
    • CrossFit Certified Olympic Lifting
    • Chasing performance: Movement, mobility & Maintenance
    • Master level Taekwondo

Meshelle Mifsud

  • Meshelle is Co-Owner, CF Coach and Olympic Weightlifting Coach at Tamalpais CrossFit. Together, with her awesome husband, Chad, she established 1 CrossFit World Record 2012 and topped the CrossFit women’s snatch ladder. She competes regularly in Olympic Weightlifting at the National level and continues to build a reputation as one of the strongest women on the West Coast.
  • Meshelle’s love for CrossFit started the moment she picked up a barbell in her first class. She has been participating, coaching and competing in CrossFit since 2008.
  • She is CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has CrossFit specialty certifications in Westside Barbell and Olympic lifting as well as a certification for USA Weightlifting Level I Sports Performance.
  • Meshelle is a vegan and takes pride in changing peoples assumptions that vegans are weak.
    • 2015 IWF Masters World Cup Champion
    • 2015 National Masters Champion
    • 2014 World Masters Champion
    • 2014 National Masters Champion
    • Currently holding 7 World Records, 9 National records in Weightlifting in the 75kg Masters 40-45 class
    • Held one CrossFit World Record
    • CrossFit Snatch Ladder leader in 2012 at 185lbs.
    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has
    • CrossFit specialty certifications in Westside Barbell,
    • CrossFit Self Defense and
    • Olympic Weightlifting
    • Certification for USA Weightlifting Level I Sports Performance.

Tommy Moran

  • Tommy is level 1 CrossFit certified, and is on the Tamalpais CrossFit 2013 Regional team. Tommy has enjoyed a life-long experience with competitive sports. He has played high school soccer as well as basketball and volleyball which he also played at the collegiate level. Since graduating from Sonoma State he continues to participate in competitive team sports. Tommy was searching for something challenging and different. He trained and fought in amateur Muay Thai events but at that time found his true calling, CrossFit! Since joining TCF in March of 2011 Tommy has not just enjoyed the physical challenges but a passion for the competitive aspect and camaraderie of the CrossFit experience. He hopes to instill that passion in others.
    • CrossFit level 1 Certified
    • CrossFit Regional Team 2013
    • Muay Thai
    • Collegiate Athletics

Chad Wilson

  • Chad Wilson grew up in Columbus, Ohio and his love of athletics and lifting weights began at an early age. In high school where he played football and wrestled he began to learn a lot about lifting weights. This love of learning continued on thru college where he played football and studied exercise science. During his college days he also began to love the sport of Power Lifting. He even got a chance to lift at Westside Barbell where he continued to learn more about the sport and methods of Power Lifting. Wilson moved to California in 2004 where he met the love of his life Meshelle. Chad continued to lift weights in a traditional setting but the gym scene grew tiresome and that is when he discovered CrossFit.
  • Chad competed for the Tamalpais Crossfit gym team in 2011 & 2012 at the Nor Cal Regionals. In 2012, with the help of his much stronger wife, they set a record in the DB Snatch/ Sprint partner WOD. Wilson also holds a PWA (Pacific Weightlifting Record) in the Clean & Jerk of 131 kgs in Masters.
  • Though Chad's love for CrossFit is strong, he has recently returned to his roots and has been concentrating more on Power Lifting. His eye for coaching the Bench, Deadlift and Back Squat is impeccable and his down to earth approach is refreshing.
    • CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has
    • CrossFit specialty certification in Westside Barbell
    • CrossFit specialty certification Gymnastics

Derek Bently

  • Derek is a Marin County native, has been practicing martial arts for over 16 years. He earned his first degree Black Belt at West America Tae Kwon Do in 1999. Since January 2000, Derek has taught at Taylor’s House of Karate, a school owned and operated by his family. Under the instruction of Daythan Taylor, a key instructor at the school, he earned his second degree black belt and in 2006, his third degree. As a teenager, Derek was ranked top four in the country in sparring. In 1998 he held the National Sparring Title.
  • Currently he is ranked third in Korean Traditional Forms and fourth for Japanese Traditional Forms. He teaches full time at Taylor’s House of Karate, both karate classes and cardio classes. Derek is a wonderful addition to Tamalpais CrossFit and offers a fun, lighthearted class.
  • CrossFit Level 1

Anne Lundy

  • Anne is a proud mother of one daughter, Alia, age 25 who is an aspiring film producer. She was raised in the Bay Area, mostly in Vallejo and went to college at UC Davis.
  • Anne received her CrossFit Certified Level 1 in May 2013. She remembers doing her first Crossfit WOD on Feb 8th, 2007; it was a Tabata of pull-ups (in which she did ring rows), push-ups (which she did on her knees), sit-ups (she did crunches), and squats (or not so much squatting, more like a slight bend at the knee).
  • 3 years later, at age 40, she was able to do all of these movements and more!
  • Anne loves CrossFit and all the wonderful, positive affects it's had on her life: her improved health, strength and new physical skills. She especially loves the community (or communities). "I've lived in a few counties the last 7 years and in each one, I've made lifetime friends through my boxes. In just this last year since I've moved to Marin County, I've met so many amazing people at TCF, that I feel at home. I'm very fortunate and grateful, I have found my passion through CrosFit and it is my commitment as a part of the TCF family to help others improve and to always improve myself and be the best coach I can be."
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility
  • CrossFit Weightlifting